Hello World..

This is me:


I think this is my third foray into the murky world of blogging. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. But I think I’ve found my space. A space for me; not for clothes that will never fit, shoes I will never wear nor things I will never buy. So this is about me. Yes, me. The thirty-something who still acts as if she is a twenty-something sometimes, the woman who sometimes stays in the entire weekend in her pjs and the woman who often begins crafty projects but never quite finishes them ( I’m looking at you crochet hook). You won’t see high fashion items here, I wear things I think suit me; boring though they sometimes are. You’ll see stuff I love, handmade stuff, books I’ve read, my friends and family, my cities; Sheffield and Liverpool. And instagram; I do like a bit of instagram.



One thought on “Hello World..

  1. lucie eaton (@luciece)

    sheffield and liverpool are my favourite cities too… i live (and study) in sheff, and i have lots of lovely friends and family in the ‘pool 🙂 two amazing places with sentimental value! great blog!


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